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For decades now, the phenomenon of the midlife crisis has been one which people have believed that most, if not all men experience at some point between their mid 30s and mid 50s. This is a time of a man’s life where he starts to think about his past – and he may suffer from mood swings and start acting quite unlike himself. However, we now know that there may be more at work than nostalgia and an unwillingness to grow up. There is something which happens in men which is similar to the menopause experienced by women in middle age. Keep reading for a little more about what this is, why most people ignore it or refuse to believe it exists and why you shouldn’t as well as how supplements which boost human growth hormone levels like Testosterone pills can help.

Fighting Andropause With Testosterone pills

The thought of experiencing menopause may seem either off-putting, absurd or both to men and understandably so. After all, this is something which women experience, not men. Naturally, this life change isn’t called by this term; instead, this phenomenon is known as andropause.

However, there are a lot of similarities between menopause and andropause. Men’s bodies and women’s bodies are very different of course and menopause tends to be more severe than what men experience. That said, the symptoms are often quite similar. Mood swings are one of the most common symptoms, as is weight gain. In both men and women, this weight gain may be caused both by a drop in testosterone and estrogen levels respectively as well as by the marked decline in levels of human growth hormone produced by middle age. It’s common to have less energy, trouble sleeping, depression and even trouble focusing. Worse still, men often experience a loss of libido and even sexual dysfunction when going through andropause.

There are already hormone therapy treatments for women experiencing menopause, but it’s only very recently that andropause has even been recognized as a problem, let alone one in need of a treatment. However, there are some treatments now available for men which can help them to reduce or even reverse some of the effects of andropause. Products such as Provacyl contain ingredients which stimulate your endocrine system to produce more human growth hormone and testosterone naturally.

Men experiencing andropause can regain their youthful energy, boost their metabolism and stabilize moods through using Testosterone pills regularly. It allows men to build muscle and lose weight more easily, improves your sense of well being and can even improve your libido.

Natural HGH-boosting supplements like TestoGen have helped many men to reverse the symptoms of andropause and feel younger, healthier and more energetic.
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