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We all get older; there’s just no getting around it, as much as we may try. The process of aging does seem to have more of a negative effect on some of us than on others though and men may see widely differing impacts on their health as they get older. There are men who are fortunate enough to remain relatively unaffected, while others experience something of a decline. Many see themselves losing their edge in terms of mental clarity and distressingly, also their sex drive! Men who suffer from these kinds of effects might be suffering from what is called andropause; a decline in testosterone levels which millions of men all over the world experience. Both genders see changes as they age and their hormone levels change, but unlike menopause in women, andropause happens to many, but not all men.

Testosterone levels in men start to drop as soon as they’re in their thirties. A man’s testosterone level can decrease by as much as 10% for each decade they age starting around age 30. While the importance of testosterone to the male libido is well known, declining levels of this vital hormone can affect many different areas of male health.

The fact that men’s testosterone levels start to drop has been known about for some time, but it’s only in recent decades that there have been blood tests developed which can determine a man’s levels of this hormone. Every man has different requirements for the testosterone levels needed to maintain the best possible physical health and one of the shortcomings of this test is that the bioavailability of testosterone can’t be reliably determined by this test. There is a compound known as sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) which renders testosterone into a form where the body can’t use it. While there are finally tests which can find out how much available testosterone is in a man’s system, these tests are only performed by a small number of laboratories.

Andropause is often characterized by symptoms which include weight gain, excessive sweating, depression and anxiety, a drop in libido, hair loss and having trouble sleeping. If you’re suffering from one or more of these symptoms, you might be suffering from andropause yourself.
Many men fail to notice andropause until they’re beginning to experience some of the sexual health problems which can come along with a decline in testosterone levels. However, it’s a good idea to start taking action before the worst happens – but it isn’t until they start to have a significantly lower sex drive or worse yet, erectile dysfunction before they really figure out that something’s wrong.

The problem is that many men treat these symptoms with medications which treat only the symptom and not the problem itself; low testosterone levels. In extreme cases, some men resort to hormone replacement therapy, but there are easier and less invasive means of treating andropause.

Testosterone levels can largely be regulated by living a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise, eating a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet and getting plenty of sleep. Along with these lifestyle factors, natural herbal supplements such as TestoGen can make all the difference. This supplement is made from herbal ingredients which promote the production of testosterone and can help you to regain your youthful vitality and health. Higher testosterone levels help you to maintain proper body weight, build muscle tissue, improve mental clarity and focus and recapture your youthful libido once again.

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